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Party! Wednesday, February 19th
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Please forward this announcement to students in your departments. Thank 
you!! :)



Co-President of Women in Science and Engineering

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*Subject:* [BIOnews] WiSE Presents: Take the Lead Challenge Viewing 
Party! Wednesday, February 19th
Our Winter WiSE event is coming up soon (February 19th at 4:45 p.m.)!! 
Time to signup and let us know if you will be attending:

*What*: The Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event is designed to inspire 
and propel women to step into their own power to close the pay and 
leadership gaps. Our goal is completely supportive of this mission.

The event will:

  * Inspire you with dynamic speakers and thought leaders like Take the
    Lead President and Co-Founder*Gloria Feldt*, Facebook COO and Lean
    In author *Sheryl Sandberg*, and host of other speakers and presenters.
  * Offer you a special challenge to discover and own your power and
    give you the tools to chart your personal course to success.
  * Connect you with other women to network and support each other in
    your lives and careers.

*When/Where*: Wednesday, February 19th.  The live-stream starts at 5 
p.m. We will be hosting a viewing party for the event's live-stream in 
the Elings lobby (first floor).  Dinner will be provided!

*RSVP to **wisersvp at gmail.com <mailto:wisersvp at gmail.com>*

Your WiSE Crew

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