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*_Announcement_*: Jean-luc Doumont returns to campus next week during 
his West Coast tour. His talks are informative, well-crafted and 
poignant; they are worthwhile whether this is your first time or you are 
a devoted fan!
*_Professional Development Series Presents:_*

*"Making the most of your presentation"* -- Friday, May 9, 10AM-12PM, 
ESB 1001
Strong presentation skills are a key to success for engineers, 
scientists, and others, yet many speakers are at a loss to tackle the 
task. Systematic as they otherwise can be in their work, they go at it 
intuitively or haphazardly, with much good will but seldom good results. 
In this talk, Dr Doumont proposes a systematic way to prepare and 
deliver an oral presentation: he covers structure, slides, and delivery, 
as well as stage fright. *
"Breaking through gender stereotypes"***--**Friday, May 9, 2:30PM-4PM, 
Elings 1601*
*Some gender stereotypes, such as expected roles of women, have been 
extensively discussed in the last decades. Others, in contrast, are 
seldom identified or questioned. What is worse, the very way we 
challenge stereotypes may in fact backfire. Drawing on both critical 
thinking and personal experience, Dr Doumont challenges in this talk 
quite a few received ideas about genders... and about how one can fight 
*RSVP* at:*https://csep.cnsi.ucsb.edu/forms/PDS/Registration.php
**Please arrive early**
**Light refreshments Provided**

*Speaker Bio:*
An engineer (Louvain) and PhD in applied physics (Stanford), Jean-luc is 
acclaimed worldwide for his no-nonsense approach, his highly applicable, 
often life-changing recommendations on a wide range of topics, and 
Trees, maps, and theorems, his book about "effective communication for 
rational minds"

Co-sponsored by ConvEne IGERT, the Graduate Division, GSDS, SACNAS-Grad, 
WiSE, the Women's Center and CSEP.

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