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Hi colleagues,

We have the opportunity to participate in the below webinar to learn 
more about the current issues surrounding internships. Is the webinar 
below of interest to the group? A couple of us attended one last year, 
and the content may be similar with more recent updates. Please let me 
know if this is of interest to you and whether the day/time will work. 
If so, I will register and find us a location to participate.

Details below. Held on *Tuesday, May 13, 2014 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM *


*Brittany Manzer*

*Career Counselor | Internship Program Coordinator*

*Career Services <career.sa.ucsb.edu>**, UC Santa Barbara  |  (805) 

*Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/ucsbcareer>**  | **Twitter 
<https://twitter.com/UCSBcareer>**  | **LinkedIn 
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Blog <http://ucsbcareerblog.wordpress.com/>***

*From:*Robert Shindell, Ph.D - Intern Bridge, Inc. 
[mailto:events at regonline.com]
*Sent:* Thursday, April 10, 2014 6:05 AM
*To:* Brittany Manzer
*Subject:* Legal Update - Internships

/*This is your opportunity to get an update on the current state of 
internships and the law!*/**

*Click Here to Register 

As the nation’s premier college recruiting consulting and research firm, 
we are constantly asked about the legality and ramifications of the 
"Unpaid Internship".

Enter Joanne Seltzer, a Partner with Jackson Lewis, the leading 
employment law firm in the United States.  Joanne has been an employment 
lawyer for more than 20 years and will share her expert advice and a 
detailed legal perspective on this timely subject.

This will include:

  * The current lawsuits you've read about in the news and what they
    really mean for the future of internships.
  * Some of the most common areas of liability for companies – and
    colleges…and how to avoid them!
  * Translating the Case Studies, to include the Wage and Hour Division
    Opinion Letter FLSA2004-5NA and the FLSA Status of Student Interns
  * Special exemption status you should know about.
  * LIVE Q&A, and more…

You can invite as many colleagues as you’d like to listen in at one site 
or location, using a single phone line or one computer. You will also 
receive slides to download, a video recording of the session and the 
ability to interact in a LIVE Q&A with Joanne.

If you have any specific questions that you would like Joanne to 
address, please include them by responding to this email.  For more 
information about this event, please visit 

Best for the day!

*Robert Shindell, Ph.D.*
/Vice President & Chief Learning Officer, Intern Bridge, Inc./
(C) 512.784.3361

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