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Subject: Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Vision Lab for Credit

Lab: Dr. Miguel Eckstein

Room: Psych 1528

Tasks: Applied Machine Learning & Amazon Mechanical Turk

Description: Work with graduate and postgraduate researchers on projects
involving perception, attention, eye movements and learning. Most work
will involve helping out with specific experiments (being a subject or
helping run other subjects). Independent research opportunities are
possible for those with well thought-out proposals, determination and
diligence, pending lab approval.

Duties: We are looking mainly for students interested in working for 4
units. 2 and 3 unit exceptions are possible. However, all prospective
researchers are expected to be able to come into the lab for some amount
of time every day. We require 0.5 hours per day per unit, so a 4 unit
person will attend the lab for 10 hours a week, though not necessarily
for 2 hours every day (but something close to that).

Additional Requirements: There will be three one-hour classes held
during the quarter on topics relevant to our research. Attendance is
mandatory. Concurrent with these classes, the students will read some
assigned journal articles. Also, for students returning to work with us
and choosing a letter grade option, a brief (5-7 page) paper summarizing
one of the assigned articles is due at the end of the quarter. This is
not meant to be a time-consuming or difficult endeavour.

Contact: viu.ucsb at gmail.com

Additional Information: In order to receive a letter of recommendation,
we usually require that students work for at least three quarters in the

Lab website: https://labs.psych.ucsb.edu/eckstein/miguel/index.htm

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