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Can you post this on the ugrad mailing list if you haven't already?


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Subject: Amazing Summer Internship Opportunity
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Dear UCSB Professors,
I would like to share the opportunity to invite your students to apply
for Send Pepper's computer science summer internship program this
summer. The company behind OfficeAutopilot.com and SendPepper.com
is opening FOUR summer intern positions in our Santa Monica office.

Interns can come learn the ropes and make a real contribution to a
massive business app with thousands of users around the world. Through
this internship, our senior developers will guide them to strengthen
their weaknesses and
maximize their strengths leaving you a well-rounded and multi-skilled
web developer that knows how to make a real difference in a fast-paced
business environment.

As a Web Developer Intern they will work on various projects which may include:

Extending API interface for our main product.

Changing our database architecture to utilize both high availability
databases like Cassandra along with relational ones like MYSQL.

Experiment moving parts of our app onto AWS.

Creating integrations with social networking sites.

Assisting in the feature design, architecture, and development,
testing, and deployment.

Housing will be provided in our nearby Developer's Pad.

Kicking butt in this internship may well result in future employment.

We invite you to encourage your students to apply for this summer
internship by submitting a resume, code samples, or anything else that
will let us know why the student should be selected for this

...All while spending an amazing summer on the beach in beautiful
Santa Monica, California with your fellow interns and developers.

Apply by sending resumes and a creative explanation of why you should
be our intern to:
Jaclyn at sendpepper.com
Deadline: May 1, 2010

Attached is a flier for you to present to your class.

All the best,

Jaclyn Smith
jaclyn at sendpepper.com

Diana Franklin
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara

*LSOE is a little-known position in UC that is a tenure-equivalent
rank analogous to associate professor

"Those of us who lose our keys actually have pretty good memories ...
We remember we lost our keys." Besides, she said, people lose their
keys "mainly because we were thinking of 15 other things when we put
our keys down."
-- Dr. Sudha Seshadri, an associate professor of neurology at Boston
University School of Medicine.

Benji Dunson
Undergraduate Advisor
Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(805) 893-4321 ph
(805) 893-8553 fax
benji at cs.ucsb.edu

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