[Ugrads] Sun Student Reviews Contest - $500 prize!

Amanda Hoagland hoagland at cs.ucsb.edu
Tue Sep 9 14:27:13 PDT 2008

Join the Sun Student Reviews Contest for a chance to win $500

Are you a technology student trying to hone in your skills before you 
embark on your professional career? Do you aspire to be the creator of 
the next great company with your innovative idea?  If so, Sun has a 
great opportunity for you!

We recently launched a Student Reviews Program 
and announced a contest 
with a grand prize of *$500*!  Student developers like you can showcase 
your talent by using our leading open-source products -- MySQL database 
and GlassFish application server -- not only to develop web 
applications, but also to create a project of your own application at 

    1. Download MySQL 5.1 Community Edition 
<http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.1.html> and GlassFish 
Application Server v2 UR2 
    2. Develop a cool web application using the combination.
    3. Create a project of your application at java.net 
    4. Write a review of these products and post it in your blog.
    5. Submit your java.net project's URL and your review's URL.

Contest ends *October 22, 2008*. Don't miss this opportunity to polish 
your skills through hands-on experience with great open-source products, 
share your thoughts, interact with others who share your passion for 
cutting-edge technology, connect with experts, and win cool prizes and 
recognition from industry leaders.  

Visit the announcement <http://blogs.sun.com/students/date/20080902> to 
get started.

Share the wealth! Forward this to your friends and appropriate 
university student mailing lists. 

Best of luck!
*Sun Student Reviews Program*
Email: reviews dot program at sun dot com

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