[angr] Question about loopfinder.py

吴敏 min_wu at hust.edu.cn
Sun Aug 5 20:24:46 PDT 2018

Dear Shellphish members:
       Hello, I am Min Wu, a chinese student, also a CTF lover, nice to meet you!
       These days,I'm analysing angr source code about how to form a control flow graph and find all loops in it.
        I've learned a lot during the process,however,there are some issues I am a little confused.For example, how do you dispose it in loopfinder.py when there are some small loops in a big loop,do you think it will create infinite distinctive loops?
         Could you please tell me about your solutions at your convenience?Thank you very much!
          I'm looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks! : )

Best Wishes! 
Yours sincerely,
Min Wu.
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