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axt axt at load.hu
Tue Apr 25 20:40:52 PDT 2017

Hi! You didn't escape the string:  "0x57" -> "\x57"


On 2017-04-26 03:05, qldx-s wrote:
> Hi, when I use pyvex to parse binary code into vex, sth strong happened.
> This is the basic block showed in IDA.
> It seems all right with angr, except the instruction at 40c5c6(lea edi,
> [esi-8000h]), there is no need to have the vex insn put(eip) = 40c5cc,
> however it doesn't care.(am I right?)
> However, when I use pyvex to parse a single instruction, things went wrong.
> Take the insn at 40C5CC as an example, the instruction is "push edi",
> and the hex of it showed in IDA is as below
> But, when I use pyvex to parse 0x57 into vex, the result is as follow:
> It is obvious that the vex is not the same as the right vex of the insn
> "push edi". Why does this happens? Where am I wrong? How can I use pyvex
> to get the vex of a single insn?
> Hope for your reply. 
> Thanks!
> Sincerely!
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