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Yan yeddayan at 163.com
Mon Apr 10 05:57:43 PDT 2017

Hi angr group,
   Thank you for your brilliant work and kind answers, which helped me a great deal.
   Here is a problem I met when I was using angr to construct CFGAccurate of android native libraries: The binary code at the address I started to construct the CFG is "F0 B5",which was an ARM instruction and was disassembled  to "PUSH {R4-R7,LR}" by IDA. But the CFG I got only contained one node which is [<CFGNode PathTerminator (0x407e38) [0]>] .Then I used factory.block to lift the code directly,and the result of _vex was as follows:
   t0:Ity_I32 t1:Ity_I32 t2:Ity_I32 t3:Ity_I32 t4:Ity_I32 t5:Ity_I32 t6:Ity_I32 t7:Ity_I32

   00 | ------ IMark(0x407e38, 0, 0) ------
   NEXT: PUT(pc) = 0x00407e38; Ijk_NoDecode
    I can't figure out why that happened? Could that be some instructions of particular architectures can't be parsed properly...presumably?
    Thank you very much if you may spare your precious time to help me to solve the problem.

Huiying Yan

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