[angr] A question about CADET_00001 the example

Natalie mixianya at 126.com
Thu Sep 1 00:07:27 PDT 2016

 Hello hackers,
       I've got a question about the angr example CADET_00001. As for the code 'pg.explore(find=0x804833E)', of which the address means angr symbolic execution will reach the basic block where the easter egg text is printed. I don't understand how could I get this address? I tried IDA Pro to search for the printed string 'EASTER EGG!' and I found the printing code on 0x80488FC. The address 0x804833E belongs to a function named _init_proc. I just don't get it.
       I would be really appreciated if you can tell me how it worked. Thanks a lot.
       Best regards.
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