[angr] can not symbolic execution on any type of C code

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Tue May 3 20:21:41 PDT 2016

Hi Mohammad,


When performing symbolic execution, angr-management lacks a lot of useful feedbacks. I would suggest you use angr from IPython or a .py file and do symbolic execution, and see what sort of warnings/errors you get from there. Post whatever error you get and we can see what’s going on.


In general, the SimProcedure _isoc99_scanf works for simple parameters. If your parameters are complex, angr cannot handle it.





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I am a student at SBU of I.R.Iran.

I am using your interesting tool for a couple of days. I have tested the fauxware program and seen its symbolic execution.

But when I want to change the code to what i want, the angr-management doesn't execute its symbolic execution and it shows nothing when i press "Step PG Until Branch" button.

I think that it is because the functions that i use. for example when i input from console with scanf it doesn't work.

What is the reason and what is solution.


Thanks a lot.

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