[angr] inter-function-level

Hira Agrawal hagrawal at appcomsci.com
Wed Mar 16 13:01:31 PDT 2016


Thanks for your quick response.

My vote is: call_depth is better than inter_function_level,  and 
max_call_depth is better than call_depth :-).

I assume the call tree depth, in this context, refers to the depth of 
the "dynamic" call tree associated with the VFG analysis, and if no 
max_call_depth is specified, then no such limit is imposed. Right?

-- Hira

On 3/16/2016 3:06 PM, Fish Wang wrote:
> Hi Hira,
> For CFG, "inter_function_level" has another name called "call_depth".
> Basically it tells the analysis not to trace into a call if it is too deep
> in the call tree, and the depth is specified by this parameter.
> Those two names will be unified later into one, I'm still now sure which one
> is better though.
> Best,
> Fish
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> I understand what context-sensitivity-level is, but what does
> inter-function-level mean? I know CFG analysis does not care about the
> latter, but VFG analysis does.  Is that option/argument explained
> anywhere? I didn't find associated discussion in any of the angr docs.
> Thanks in advance for any help resolving this query.
> -- Hira
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