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Briggs Achaibar briggsachaibar1 at ericmore.com
Tue Jan 12 06:01:24 PST 2016

I was the personal bank manager of the Late Dr. Levi Ajuonuma – The spokesperson for the N.N.P.C until his unfortunate death in air crash. See below link for confirmation.

The government at that time used him to hide some money made from unofficial crude oil sales. Some of them had oil blocs but did not want to disclose their transactions to government, so they chose to hide it in banks in different names.
In my capacity in the bank, I created account with unknown name for him and deposited $3.5Million for him. Only me and him knew. So when he unfortunately died, there was no way I could expose our secret and be probed by the current government. So I have decided to transfer this money abroad for my benefit. If you would cooperate with me and receive this money,  It will be shared as follows:

* You will get 30% of the money for your assistance.
* 10% will be set aside for any miscellaneous expenses that might occur.
* 60% for me and other officials that will provide back-up for the transfer.
It will be a legal risk-free transaction. Only I need you to keep it secret and not let people know about it until we have moved the money safely into your account.
Your response will be appreciated.
Mr.Briggs Achaibar.

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