[angr] CFG for self-modifying code

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Hi Sean,


CFG does not support self-modifying code right now (since it’s pure static analysis). You might want to use symbolic execution in angr to execute or dump all the shellcode being executed. With that information, it’s very easy to show addresses, instructions, and even states of everything along the path. If you want to generate a CFG for self-modifying code, you really have to loyally simulate the execution, which is difficult for a static analysis to do.


We’ve done it for some CTF challenges (that has some simple unpacking or self-modification mechanisms). They are not included in the angr-doc repo though, sorry :-(





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Hi people,


I was trying to get CFG for a self-modifying shellcode. I used the following code.


project = angr.Project('shellcode.exe', support_selfmodifying_code=True, load_options={'auto_load_libs':False})

cfg = project.analyses.CFG(keep_state=True, enable_symbolic_back_traversal=True)


It appears angr creates a CFG for the original code instead of the modified code. Is there any way to get a CFG by symbolically executing the code? Any example code to do this showing address and disassembly for each path will be much appreciated.




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